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For the Купить недорого корзины плетеные в интернет-магазине уголок сказки. spanish musical group, see mecano. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (january 2014) ( learn how and when to remove this template message). Meccano is a model construction system created in 1898 by frank hornby in liverpool, united kingdom. The system consists of reusable metal strips, plates, angle girders, wheels, axles and gears, and plastic parts that are connected together using nuts, bolts and set screws (also known as grub screws). It enables the building of working models and mechanical devices. Meccano maintains a manufacturing facility in calais, france. [1]. In 1913, a very similar construction set was introduced in the us under the brand name erector. In 2000, meccano bought the erector brand and unified its presence on all continents. Contents. 1 meccano history 1. 1 first sets 1. купить постельное бельё сатин сайлид 2 heyday 1. 3 Здесь вы можете недорого купить плетеные изделия из лозы оптом или в розницу. Мы всегда готовы предложить своим клиентам качественные. takeovers 1. 4 new versions 1. 5 further developments 1. 6 motors 1. 7 compatible kits 2 erector history 3 applications of meccano + erector 4 popularity 5 influence 6 see also 7 references 8 further reading 9 external links. Meccano history [ Хозяйственные товары оптом, столовые приборы оптом, декоративные товары, кухонная посуда от компании евразия трэйд. Корзины плетеные. edit ]. For early meccano history, see frank hornby. First sets [ edit ]. An early meccano set on display in the edinburgh museum of childhood. In 1901 frank hornby, a clerk from liverpool, england, invented and patented a new toy called "mechanics made easy" that was based on the principles of mechanical engineering. [2] it was a model construction kit consisting of perforated metal strips, plates and girders, with wheels, pulleys, gears, shaft collars and axles for mechanisms and motion, and nuts and bolts and set screws to connect the pieces. The perforations were at a standard ½ inch (12. 7 mm) spacing, the axles were 8-gauge, and the купить корзинки для фасовки грибов тару лукошко упаковку из шпона . nuts and bolts used 5/ 32 inch bsw threads. The only tools required to assemble models were a screwdriver and spanners (wrenches). It was more than just a toy: it was educational, teaching basic mechanical principles like levers and gearing. The parts for hornby's new construction kit were initially supplied by outside manufacturers, but as demand began to exceed supply, hornby set up his own factory in duke street, liverpool. As the construction kits gained in popularity they soon became known as meccano and went on sale across the world. In september 1907, hornby registered the meccano trade mark, and in may 1908, he formed meccano ltd. To keep pace with demand, a new meccano factory was built in binns road, liverpool in 1914, which became meccano ltd's headquarters for the next 60 years. Hornby also established meccano factories in france, spain and argentina. The word "meccano" was thought to have been derived from the phrase "make and know". [3] ооо2К Корзина - Плетеные корзины, плетеные изделия из лозы и .. The first construction sets had parts that were rather crudely made: the metal strips and plates had a tinplate finish, were not rounded at the ends and were not very sturdy. But manufacturing methods were improving all the time and by 1907 the quality and appearance had improved considerably: the metal strips were now made of thicker steel with rounded ends and were nickel-plated, while the wheels and gears were machined from brass. A model steam locomotive built with meccano. The first sets under the new meccano name were numbered 1 to 6. In 1922 the no. 7 meccano outfit was introduced, which was the largest set of its day, and the most sought after because of its model building capabilities and prestige. In 1926, to mark the 25th anniversary of his patent, hornby introduced "meccano in colours" with the familiar red and green coloured meccano pieces. Initially plates were a light red and items like the braced girders were a pea-green. However, the following year strips and girders were painted dark green, the plates burgundy red, while the wheels and gears remained brass. In 1934 the meccano pieces changed colour again: the strips and girders became gold while the plates were changed to blue with gold criss-cross lines on them, but only on one side, the reverse remaining plain blue. This new colour scheme was only available in the united kingdom until the end of the second world war in 1945. The old red and green sets were still produced for the export market and were re-introduced in the uk after the war. In 1958 the colours were changed slightly to what became known as 'light red and green' but this incarnation had the shortest lifespan as the colours changed dramatically in 1964 to the black and yellow colour scheme. However, this light red and green period did see the introduction of about 90 new parts, more modern packaging, a new cabinet was introduced for the number 10 set, the first plastic parts were introduced, and the "exploded diagram" instructions made their début. Instruction book for the 1956 meccano no. 7 and 8 outfits, showing a model of a walking drag line excavator built with the red and green meccano pieces of the time. Heyday [ edit ]. In 1934 the nine basic В москве купить оптом плетеные корзины для сада и дома по привлекательным ценам вы можете в нашем интернет-магазине. У нас есть изделия. meccano outfits (numbered 00 to 7) were replaced by eleven outfits, labelled 0, a to h, k and l, the old no. 7 outfit becoming the l outfit. This l outfit is often regarded as the best of the largest meccano outfits. In 1937 the alphabetical outfit series was replaced by a numeric series, 0 to 10, the l outfit being replaced by the smaller no. 10 outfit. Although having fewer pieces than the l outfit, the no. 10 outfit became meccano's flagship set and remained relatively unchanged until it was discontinued a half-century later in 1992. Accessory sets were retained, numbered 1a to 9a, that converted a set to the next in the series (for example, accessory set 6a would convert a no. 6 set to a no. 7 set). As had been the case from early days, meccano ltd would also supply individual meccano parts to complement existing sets. World war ii interrupted the production of meccano in england when the binns road factory converted to manufacturing for the war effort. The korean war in 1950 also disrupted production due to a metal shortage and it was not until the mid-1950s that meccano production returned to normal with new parts being added to all the sets. In 1955 outfits 00 to 10 as well as conversion sets 00a to 9a were available. [4] in 1961 a mechanisms outfit and a gears outfit were added to the range, [5] and in 1962 outfit 00 was withdrawn. [6]. Takeovers [ edit ]. 1970s no. 2 meccano set. In the early 1960s meccano ltd experienced financial problems and was purchased by lines bros ltd (who operated under the brand name "tri-ang") in 1964. In an attempt to redefine meccano's image, the colour scheme was changed again, this time to yellow and black plates, with silver strips and girders. The silver was soon replaced by zinc in 1967 when it was found that the silver pieces marked easily. The colours of yellow and black were chosen because they were the colours typically used by most large construction vehicles of the day. In 1970 electronic parts were introduced, and the current black-coloured plates were changed to blue. The range of sets was reduced by one with the deletion of the old Корзины olx. Kz. Подарочные плетеные корзины из лозы. Мода и стиль » подарки. 1 500 тг. Алматы. Продам праздничную корзину. Мода и стиль ». no. 9 set and the renumbering of the old no. 0 to 8 sets to no. 1 to 9. The no. 10 set remained unchanged. [7]. Lines brothers went into voluntary liquidation in 1971 and airfix industries purchased the meccano business in the uk and general mills of the us purchased the french business. The french company was known as miro meccano. In 1973 outfits 1 to 10 were still available, but new kits were added: army multikit, highway multikit, plastic meccano, pocket meccano and two clock kits. [8]. In 1978 the range of meccano sets was further reduced and changed with the replacement of the no. 2 to 8 sets by six completely new sets, labelled a and 1 to 5. The old no. 9 and 10 sets were left largely unchanged. While some airfix divisions were profitable, particularly their model kits, they needed to save money. With unions threatening all out industrial action if there were any job losses, airfix shut down the binns road factory, [9] bringing to an end the manufacture of meccano in england. Meccano still continued to be manufactured in france, as the british and french businesses had different owners. At the time in the seventies meccano france sa' launched and produced their brand new famous dark blue meccano construction kits set 1' to set 10 boxes model range until the early 1990s which was considered by many meccano collectors today as the nearest updated model range of the original british made meccano. These were also sold in conjunction with the smaller "complementary sets cx series" so that the builders could make more technical and more realistic working models with his own existing normal sets, making it more demanding and harder per kit for the builder or owner as the sequence meccano set 1 to set 10 was available. These can still be found for sale new and used or even never used on several websites today. Unusually the last two items of this range was the rarer meccano set 09 aka as set nine which was sold as hinged large wooden box divided in two halves with up to 500 different parts and pieces available inside without manuals for builders to create numerous larger models. Then the most expensive yet impressive meccano set 10 aka set ten is a large wooden rectangular crate with 3 sliding drawers and has a reputed 1000 different parts all neatly stored and is considered the top of the range meccano set when available. Today some of these original meccano france set 01 to set 10 blue construction kits can still be found on ebay. Olx and other similar sales webpages. Ownership summary. Period ownership comments 1901–1908 frank hornby (inventor) and david elliott (financier) branded as mechanics made easy 1908–1936 meccano ltd, uk. 100% owned by frank hornby frank hornby bought david elliott out and rebranded the business. 1936–1964 meccano ltd, uk. 100% owned by frank hornby's...

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